Wastewater treatment infrastructure

2.1 Construction and renovation of wastewater treatment infrastructure in Vylkove Leader Partner: OSDEP Other involved partners: n/a This task involves a major investment in improving and extending the WWT system in Vylkove (sewerage network, pumping stations, treatment works). At present, treatment for the numerous sources but small individual amounts of household wastewater in Vylkove is unsatisfactory or absent. Even more urgent is addressing the poor condition of the existing main WWT facilities with larger (and growing) volumes of sewage. The issue is particularly challenging given the unique character of Vylkove because of its location in the Danube Delta. The project proposed in Vylkove involves both the refurbishment of the existing sewerage system (principally the pumping stations and filter beds) that serves the population living in apartment blocks (about 1,200 people), and putting in place a new sewerage system (piping, gravity collectors and a network of small pumping stations, as well as some individual units) to serve the population (about 7,000 people) of the older part of the town living in detached cottages. The existing WWT filter beds will be replaced by a reed bed treatment system and expanded in size. The project will thus double the capacity of the wastewater treatment system from about 450 m3/day to about 900 m3/day (thus reducing water pollution from untreated discharges), and greatly improve the energy efficiency of operating it. Implementation of the project will lead to positive changes in the natural and social environments at a unique locality in Ukraine.