Public Information Service on Pollution Sources

4.1 Establishment of Public Information Service on pollution sources in the Lower Danube region Leader Partner: UkrSCES Other involved partners: ACTEDJ, ECCG This Task involves the design by UkrSCES of a multilingual public web portal using an Interactive Mapping Service based on the project GIS. It will contain all relevant information from the project partners on wastewater discharges, toxic chemical storage sites and results from monitoring. In particular, the portal will • develop tools for export / import of data sets; • set up a security matrix to ensure differentiated access levels to the data; • assist decision making by organizations responsible for reacting to pollution in the Lower Danube region; • develop tools for maintaining and updating the database via web front-end interface; • develop an interactive GIS with the ability of dynamically mapping the data from the database, on to map layers such as soil type, water drainage pattern, land use, wildlife sites and settlements; • develop analytical tools such as spatial distribution, vertical spread, graphs, charts, tables; • allow exchange of meta-data with other related web-based data servers. The web portal will allow harmonization of information with relevant EU directives, including INSPIRE. The web site will be maintained by UkrSCES on behalf of Regional Centre for Ecological Studies after the project closes.