Odessa State Department for Environmental Protection

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Place of RegistrationOdessa, Ukraine
Experience of similar actions, in relation to the role in the implementation of the proposed actionCoordination and implementation of state-financed activities relating to environmental protection, including detection and removal of hazardous waste, preventing pollution of surface and ground waters, establishment of protected areas, providing environmental information to government and civic bodies.
History of cooperation with the applicantN/A
Role and involvement in preparing the proposed actionLead preparation of all documents, in close cooperation with all other partners and relevant external experts
Role and involvement in implementing the proposed actionProject manager, responsible for overall delivery of the project in cooperation with all partners and subcontractors. Chair of Project Steering Committee. Leader for Activities: 1.2 Sampling and laboratory analyses for identification of actual sources of soil and water pollution 1.4 Preparation of cross-border remediation plan for high risk pollution sources 2.1 Construction and renovation of wastewater treatment infrastructure in Vylkove 3.1 Establishment of a Regional Centre for Ecological Studies in Odessa 3.2 System for long term monitoring and risk assessment of pollution sources affecting soil and waters