Ukrainian Scientific Centre of Ecology of the Sea of Ministry of Environmental Protection

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Place of RegistrationOdessa, Ukraine
Experience of similar actions, in relation to the role in the implementation of the proposed action1. Carrying out mandatory ecological audit of the facility for temporary storage of pesticides with the expired term of use GP “SP A.V.Trofimova.” 2. Ecological monitoring of the influence to the environment of renewal and exploitation of the shipping route “Danube - Black Sea” : marine part 3. Ecological audit of the Black Sea Prikerchensky area. 4. Assessment of the sea environment within the region of planned sewage dumping of the biological treatment station “Severnaya” 5. Development of a Regional Environmental Program of Odessa region for 2011-2017. Since 2006 up to the present time UkrSCES participated and is participating in the following international projects: (i) UP-GRADE BS-SCENE project a FP7 EU funded project running from 2009-2011 that is building and extending the existing research infrastructure (developed under FP6 project BlackSeaScene 1) with an additional 19 marine environmental institutes/organizations from the 6 Black Sea countries; (ii) PlanCoast was an INTERREG IIIB NP CADSES Project with the aim to develop the tools and capacities for an effective integrated planning in coastal zones and maritime areas in the Baltic, Adriatic and Black Sea regions. 2007-2009
History of cooperation with the applicantRegular working relations, providing support on environmental monitoring, GIS data base and mapping
Role and involvement in preparing the proposed actionProvision of advice and information on project structure and approach, and for the feasibility study. Checking draft documents.
Role and involvement in implementing the proposed actionParticipation in Project Steering Committee and general work programme. Leader for Activities: 1.1 Inventory of chemical storage sites and sources of water pollution 4.1 Establishment of Public Information Service on pollution sources in the Lower Danube region