Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration

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Place of RegistrationTulcea, Romania
Experience of similar actions, in relation to the role in the implementation of the proposed actionCompleted TSPF/0302/0044- Management Objectives for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in Nature Protected Areas in Lower Danube Euroregion (241,215 Euro). Phare CBC – Neighbourhood Programme Romania-Ukraine 2004-2006 – Project RO 2004 / 016-942.01.01.19 “Integrated Monitoring System for the monitoring of environmental parameters, biodiversity, nature resources in Danube Delta Cross Border Biosphere Reserve, Romania/Ukraine” (734,158.3 Euro). Phare CBC – Neighbourhood Programme Romania-Ukraine 2004-2006 – Project RO2005/017-539.01.01.20 “Cross Border Cooperation to demonstrate the multiple use and benefits of wetland restoration in Danube Delta Cross Border Biosphere Reserve, Romania-Ukraine” (230,992.0 Euro). Project LIFE05NAT/RO/000169 „Save Pelecanus crispus in Danube Delta” (1,301,042.3 Euro). Ongoing Up-Grade Black Sea Scientific Network (68,838.0 Euro). “Danube River Network of Protected Areas – Development and Implementation of Transnational Strategies for the Conservation of the Natural Heritage at the Danube River” (662,500.0 Euro). “Integrated Informatic System – Support for the management of DDBRA in view to improve the conservation status of ecosystems” (5,763,386.4 Euro). Black Sea Coast Wetland (BlackSeaWet) Initiative – Regional Initiative for Black Sea Coastal Wetlands (34,500 Euro). “Improve the conservation status of the biodiversity of the Pontic Sector in Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, through awareness, information and visiting (RBDD – CIV)” (4,488,443.0 Euro).
History of cooperation with the applicantCooperation on management of protected areas in the Lower Danube through the Joint Commission for Lower Danube Protected Areas
Role and involvement in preparing the proposed actionProvision of advice and information on project structure and approach, and for the feasibility study. Checking draft documents.
Role and involvement in implementing the proposed actionParticipation in Project Steering Committee and general work programme. Advice on EU project implementation and compliance with relevant EU Directives. Mainly contributing to all Activities in Task 1 on Inventory and assessment of sources of pollution affecting land and waters.