Association for Cross-border Cooperation “Lower Danube Euroregion”

Place of RegistrationGalati, Romania
Experience of similar actions, in relation to the role in the implementation of the proposed actionISPA: “Feasibility Study for the MSW Integrated Management and Recycling in the Municipalities of Galati and Braila. IDOM Spania. Project granted by the Spanish Government. (2002-2003) PHARE: Local Action Plan (PLAM) (2003 - 2005) PHARE 2000: “Implementation of the Environmental Aquis in Romania’’ (2002-2003) Development of a PPP Western Balkan Network. Financed by InWent Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung steht für Personal (2005 – 2008) Romanian Centre for the Management regarding the Environment: training and assistance for the personnel within the Local and Regional Environmental Protection Agencies. Financed by the Romanian-German Public Private Partnership concept: ARÖW GmbH Gesellschaft für Arbeits-, Reorganisations-und Ökologische Wirtschaftsberatung GmbH and InWent Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung steht für Personal. (2005-2007) Regional Research and Monitoring Centre regarding the Environment – CREDENTIAL – laboratory accredited by RENAR. Project financed by the Romanian Ministry for Education and Research (2006-2008)
History of cooperation with the applicantRegular meetings to coordinate activities relating to environmental protection through the Lower Danube Euroregion
Role and involvement in preparing the proposed actionProvision of advice and information on project structure and approach, and for the feasibility study. Checking draft documents.
Role and involvement in implementing the proposed actionParticipation in Project Steering Committee and general work programme. Leader for Activity 3.3 Capacity and awareness building programme. In addition, the Association will coordinate the inputs of the Romanian partners, administrating the steps of reaching the proposed objectives, and activities for capacity building and harmonization of specific information according to the relevant EU directives.