Eco Counselling Centre

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Place of RegistrationGalati, Romania
Experience of similar actions, in relation to the role in the implementation of the proposed actionEstablished in 1996, ECCG has implemented 10 main environmental education projects highlighting concepts such as: water; waste; energy; air; green school management; educational competitions and games; teacher and student trainings; and educational publications, trips and demonstrative lessons. The main achievements in this field are: the educational school kits; the water-related educational CD; climate change brochures; health and food leaflets; and drinking water pamphlets. Concurrently, some of the more exceptional projects are: “The Water Trip within Galati Town”; “Turning Spectators into Participants”; “The Environmental School Kits”; “Green School Award Programme”; “Zero Paper Waste”; “Blue Danube Programme” including educational lessons and trips; and the 2004-2008 “Danube Day –related Art Master Competitions” ECCG has successfully implemented during the last 4 years several projects focused on reducing the nutrient pollution of waters caused by waste, improper handling and use of organic waste in rural areas such as: 2004-2007 “The Prut Basin Wide Approach for Nutrient Reduction and Cross Border Co-operation” financed by REC, the Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Ministry of Environment Luxemburg. The PBWA project consisted in facilitating a watershed regional cross-border approach during the development of the draft Prut River Basin Management Plan for Nutrient Reduction and in applying concrete measures to reduce the nutrient - pollution sources. 2006 – 2008 “PRO APE -Project for the Decrease of the Diffuse Water Pollution Sources, through the Promotion &Implementation of the Best Agricultural Techniques” financed by GEF SGP Romania 2008 – 2009 “CLEAN WATERS - HEALTHY PEOPLE”- A cross-border cooperation project about innovative approaches of the impact reduction of wastes and wastewaters. Financed by Neighborhood Programme Romania-Moldova 2004-2006, PHARE CBC 2006
History of cooperation with the applicantN/A
Role and involvement in preparing the proposed actionProvision of advice and information on project structure and approach, and for the feasibility study. Checking draft documents.
Role and involvement in implementing the proposed actionParticipation in Project Steering Committee and general work programme. Contributing to Tasks: 1 Inventory and assessment of sources of pollution affecting land and waters 3 Long term monitoring and risk assessment of pollution sources 4 Public Information Service on pollution sources